Mass Times

Our Lady of Lourdes

Times updated 6/9/2020
Saturday: 5:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am

Parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes,

We hope this letter finds you well. In preparation of re-opening the church, there are specific guidelines in regards to entering and exiting the church, attending mass, seating, receiving the Eucharist, and health/sanitation measures that we as a parish will need to adhere to until further notice.

Once we are given permission to re-open for mass, parishioners must enter from the main doors of the church located on Wood Street. The doors will be propped open to reduce contact. Once inside the church, an usher will direct you to the first available pew in the front of the church and will continue to fill pews in that fashion. When mass has ended, an usher will dismiss pew by pew starting at the back of church, i.e. wedding style.

Seating during mass will be limited to every other pew with 3 people to a pew sitting roughly 6 ft. apart (one at each end and one in the middle). This guideline applies to single parishioners; whole families and spouses will be allowed to sit next to each other in the same pew.

To receive the Eucharist, a single file line will be used in the main isle of the church. An usher will dismiss one pew at a time, alternating sides. This is similar to regular procedures, just eliminating a line and an usher in order to stay within the recommended 6 ft. social distancing guideline.

To attend mass, you must bring and wear a face mask. The face mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times, except while consuming the Eucharist. Hand sanitizer will be provided as you enter the church. Please use this when entering and exiting the church.

Due to the limited seating at this time, an RSVP mailer will be sent. You will need to state which mass you prefer to attend and send back to the church. Once the RSVPs have been received, the responses will be organized and you will be notified.

These are unprecedented times we are in. We thank you in advance for your compassion, flexibility, cooperation, and most of all your undeterred faith as we all work together to resume some sense of normalcy and routine when it comes to attending mass. If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact Paul Sarantakos via email at or by phone at 217-781-1440 and/or Fr. Dong at or via 630-456-5406.

In Christ,

The Re-Opening Committee